Multiscale fracture networks frequently affect carbonate reservoirs and play a crucial role in controlling permeability. Network geometries are here derived from the Latemar platform outcropping analog (Dolomites, N Italy) integrating satellite images, LiDAR airborne enriched Digital Elevation Models and outcrops. Our observations cover lengths from kms to cm. Two sets of fractures are recognised in the Latemar, both formed by mode I features and displaying traces insensitive to facies boundaries. The older set is visible in all length classes. Fractures heights and spacing change from one platform domain to the other. Fractures of the second set are generally confined between those of the first set and are, therefore, <50-80m long. Their heights and spacing distances are larger than those of the first, older fracture set, as a result of increased lithification between the two episodes of deformation. The existence of two fracture sets with significantly different geometries impacts platform-scale permeability patterns.


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