The FP7 SiteChar project has examined the entire site characterization chain, from the initial feasibility studies through to the final stage of application for a storage permit, on the basis of criteria defined by the relevant European legislation, highlighting important issues and recommendations such as the importance of a fit-to purpose process driven by a risk and uncertainty reduction strategy. The research was based on the characterisation at different levels of five sites representative of the context and geology a range of potential CO2 storage complexes in Europe. A key innovation was the development of internal dry-run licence applications for two sites, an offshore hydrocarbon field and an onshore deep saline aquifer formation. These applications helped to refine the storage site characterisation workflow and identify gaps in site-specific characterisation required to secure storage permits under the EC Directive. Economic aspects have also been addressed pointing out the heterogeneity and consequently the highly site-specific structure of the storage costs. Public participation activities were conducted at both an onshore and an offshore site. These ensured local stakeholders views were part of the application process and so successfully incorporate lessons learned from social site characterisation into the permit application.


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