Computed Tomography for geological purposes can lead to a new dimension of understanding of the distribution of rock properties. Especially spatial distribution of pores and pore-connections as well as cementation properties are of utmost importance in the evaluation of reservoir properties. The possibility to visualize a whole plug volume in a non-destructive way and to use the same plug for further analysis is undoubtedly currently the most valuable feature of this new type of rock analysis and will be a new area for routine application of X-ray Computed Tomography in the near future. The paper outlines the hard- and software requirements for high resolution CT. It showcases several geological applications which were performed with the nanotom, the first 180 kV nanofocus CT system tailored specifically for highest-resolution scans of samples up to 120 mm in diameter and weighing up to 1 kg with voxel-resolutions down to <500 nm (<0.5 microns).


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