The relationship between Vp and Vs is used to predict Vs where only Vp is known. Thus theoretical, physical, as well as statistical empirical Vp-Vs relationships have been proposed for reservoir characterization. In published work, focus is primarily on the Vp-Vs relationship of quartzitic sandstone. Vp-Vs relationship of glauconitic greensand is not well defined yet. We present Vp-Vs relationships of glauconitic greensand by using laboratory and logging data from the Paleocene greensand Nini oil field in the North Sea. We also investigated Vp-Vs relationships of glauconitic greensand by an effective medium model. Both simple empirical Vp-Vs regression of greensand and Vp-Vs relationship from effective medium modelling provide good prediction of Vs from the measured Vp. Published Vp-Vs relationship for sandstone matched data less well. Keywords: Greensand, glauconite, Vp, Vs


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