In 2003 the Life of Field Seismic system was installed on the Valhall Field as the first full field ocean bottom permanent monitoring system. Monitoring of the waterflood was one of the main objectives of the installation of this seismic system. Dedicated water injection at Valhall started with two water injection wells in 2006 in the Central Crest and South Central Basins, followed in 2008 by water injection in the Northern Crest Basin. All these three wells show clear time-lapse observations of the injected water. In this paper we discuss the expected and the observed responses from these water injectors for the various seismic surveys. For all the wells we show how the time-lapse observations have improved the understanding of the waterflood and have had a clear impact on the reservoir management of the individual wells and the full field. Individual examples illustrate how this improved understanding was used to make better informed business decisions on new well placement and well work.


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