The Bathurst Mining Camp of northern New Brunswick, Canada is a major base-metal producing region that includes the super-giant Brunswick No. 12 and smaller size Brunswick No. 6 mines. Seismic reflection data along with borehole geochemical and petrophysical measurements from the Brunswick No. 6 mine are studied in this work. Acoustic impedance values for the Brunswick horizon and host rock structures indicate that the mineralized horizon is not strongly reflective in comparison with the mafic-ultramafic rocks. Although the data is acquired in crystalline environment, it shows an excellent data quality with a series of steeply dipping reflections imaged down to 3 s. The results demonstrate that reflection seismic imaging is particularly effective for imaging structures of the Brunswick No. 6 mine, many of which intersect the surface and thus allow for correlation with surface geology. Even more encouraging, the Brunswick horizon and associated iron mineralization are identifiable within a distinctive reflective package that can be used as a guide for deep base-metal exploration in the region.


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