In the past, soils were accepted only as layer-hindrance at geophysical investigations. But it is not right. The most magnetic types of soils (such as chernozems, grey forest soils, chestnut soils) can be the main source of the anomalous magnetic field of the investigated area, if soils superpose low-magnetic rocks. It is a common situation in Ukraine, especially in perspective oil and gas provinces. Thus, the information about magnetic properties of soils is very important not only for ecological geophysics or agriculture and pedology but for geological exploration and magnetometry too. It is a study for relationship between hydrocarbon migration and soil magnetism above oil and gas fields in Ukraine. Interpretation of the low amplitude magnetic anomalies is very important for prospecting of the deposits of diamonds. Accordingly, the distributions of the magnetic parameters of Ukraine soils on vertical and lateral line as well as some cases of the soil magnetism applications are discussed.


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