In the present study we investigate the basement and its relation to magnetic anomalies for the Barents Sea region. Besides conventional magnetic field analysis (e.g. psedudogravity) we perform 3D inversion and 2D forward modelling to characterize the geometry of the top basement and the distribution of magnetization and density. For the 3D inversion the influence of the input parameter have been studied in detail, and large uncertaintie are encountered over some areas. On a regional scale, the petrophysical parameters and not the geometry of the top basement dominate the magnetic anomalies. The 2D models aid to link together the main crustal unit of the Barents Sea, which are expressed by different magnetic basement characteristics, and to compile a map which shows the different basement domains. The resulting map allows us to interprete the possible extension of Caledonian, Timanian, Uralian and magmatic terranes in the area.


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