A022 Fractal Behavior of Fractures Derived from Seismic and FMI Data H. Trappe* (TEEC) H. Endres (TEEC RWTH Aachen) P. Thierer (TEEC) T. Lohr (GFZ Potsdam) C.M. Krawczyk (GFZ Potsdam) D.C. Tanner (GZG University Goettingen) O. Oncken (GFZ Potsdam) & P.A. Kukla (RWTH Aachen) SUMMARY This study is part of a larger research project. The results presented are from an area located east of the city Bremen where gas is produced from a deep Rotliegend sandstone reservoir. Faults fractures and associated deformation bands at reservoir depth have an important influence to the productivity of the gas field as fractures are


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