A023 Geological and Geophysical Inversion by Hierarchical Classification – Combining Seismic Stratigraphic and AVO Attributes A. Carrillat* (Schlumberger) T. Basu (Schlumberger) R. Ysaccis (Schlumberger) J. Hall (Schlumberger) F. Mohamed (Schlumberger) A. Mansor (Petronas Carigali) M. Brewer (Petronas Carigali) & S. Mahmoud (Petronas Carigali) SUMMARY We present a case study in which both texture facies and fluid prediction are linked by performing a hierarchical classification and estimation scheme whereby a multiattributes volume which captures seismic stratigraphy and texture information is combined with AVO attributes to map fluid response into a single coherent seismostratigraphic and reservoir facies volume. EAGE 69 th Conference


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