A035 Spatial Reservoir Localization Using Seismic Emission Data V.E. Shulakova* (Geophysical Data Systems Ltd) A.P. Zhukov (Geophysical Data Systems Ltd) M.B. Shneerson (Geophysical Data Systems Ltd) K.I. Loginov (Geophysical Data Systems Ltd) R.G. Kharisov (TNG-group) V.A. Ekimenko (TNG-group) & N.M. Khusnimardanov (TNGgroup) SUMMARY The classic theory of seismic methods assumes that the geological medium is passive and doesn’t generate its own microseism. But in practice we often confronted with seismic activity of geological environment. The authors assert the real geological medium is an active system: it can generate microseism itself. This effect of seismo-acoustic emission becomes pronounced in hydrocarbon reservoir.


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