B019 Clair 3D/4C – Demonstrating the Value in Reprocessing 3D Multicomponent Surveys A. Ashby (WesternGeco) M. Aitchison* (WesternGeco) A. Dawson (WesternGeco) M. Ibram (BP) J. McGarrity (BP) C. McKenzie (BP) & S. Fowler (BP) SUMMARY The Clair field is located 75km west of Shetland and covers an area of 220km2. In 2002 a 3D multicomponent survey was acquired as a result of a successful multi-azimuth 2D test in 2000. The objective was to use wide azimuth OBC data to improve demultiple imaging and to utilise the potential of converted wave (PS) imaging to improve the understanding of fractures in the


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