B023 Analysis of Shear-Wave Splitting in Multicomponent Seismic Data for Oil-Water Discrimination during Water Flooding X.Y. Li* (British Geological Survey) M. Chapman (British Geological Survey) Y. Zhang (SinoPec) Y. Wang (SinoPec Shengli Oilfield Ltd.) & J. Xia (SinoPec Shengli Oilfield Ltd.) SUMMARY Understanding pore-pressure and saturation changes is important in mature reservoirs. Here we analyze shear-wave splitting in a 3D3C onshore survey from Shengli Oilfield China where the thin sand-reservoir has been undergone production through water-flooding which altered the fluid composition and the porefluid pressure. Dividing the data into orthogonal azimuthal sectors and processing each sector separately reveals significant shear-wave


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