C044 Image Driven™ Re-Processing and Modelling for an Improved Image of the Seismic Obscured Area over Ekofisk P.A. Farmer (GX Technology) C. Hartline (ConocoPhillips) H. Delorme (GX Technology) J. Faragher (GX Technology) B. Mecham (GX Technology) G. Byerley (ConocoPhillips) H. Haugvaldstad (ConocoPhillips) B. Lyngnes (ConocoPhillips) & M. Goodwin* (GX Technology) SUMMARY The Seismically Obscured Area (SOA) over the Ekofisk Oil Field offshore Norway presents a major challenge to reservoir monitoring. Several vintages of seismic data have been recorded yet to date the image of the reservoir has largely remained obscured. Whilst it is generally agreed that gas in the overburden


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