D006 Linking Coupled Fluid-Flow and Geomechanical Models with Rock Physics Derived Elastic Models for Reservoir Seismic Forward Modelling Applications D.A. Angus* (University of Bristol) J.M. Kendall (University of Bristol) Q. Fisher (University of Leeds) M. Dutko (Rockfield Software Ltd) A.J.L. Crook (Rockfield Software Ltd) S.A. Hall (CRNS Grenoble) & J. Verdon (University of Bristol) SUMMARY In this study we present some results on linking coupled fluid-flow and geomechanical modelling with seismic modelling. This work represents some of the research being conducted for the IPEGG (Integrated Petroleum Engineering Geomechanics and Geophysics) consortium a research partnership between the University of Bristol University


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