F002 Architectural Elements of the Fluvio-Estuarine MacMurray Formation Alberta (Canada) J. Bailleul (Ecole des Mines de Paris/Total E&P) V. Delhaye-Part (Total E&P) O. Parize (Ecole des Mines de Paris) & R. Labourdette* (Total SA) SUMMARY In north-eastern Alberta (Canada) the fluvio-estuarine McMurray Formation constitutes the main bitumen accumulation of the Athabasca Heavy Oil Province. Deposited within the fluvial-to-marine transition zone the McMurray clastic succession is characterized by the lateral and vertical juxtaposition of a wide variety of depositional processes. This led to complex lithofacies variations responsible for uncertainties in predicting reservoir heterogeneity. In this context a realistic paleogeographic reconstitution is


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