F007 Automated 3D Interpretation of Fractures from Photorealistic Outcrop Models E. Monsen* (Schlumberger) B. Savary-Sismondini (Schlumberger) A. Bounaim (Schlumberger) T. Brenna (Schlumberger) S.I. Pedersen (Schlumberger) B. Tjostheim (Schlumberger) L. Sonneland (Schlumberger) D. Hunt (Hydro Oil & Energy) P. Gillespie (Hydro Oil & Energy) & J. Thurmond (Hydro Oil & Energy) SUMMARY A workflow for characterizing the discontinuity network of a carbonate outcrop is presented whereby a 3D photo-realistic digital model of the outcrop is analyzed using a new image processing procedure. The aim is to quantitatively capture the fracture geometry orientation distribution and density with respect to stratigraphy and lithology.


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