H043 A New Automated 3D Seismic Stratigraphic Methodology P. Le Guern* (Schlumberger) B. Savary (Schlumberger) H.G. Borgos (Schlumberger) G. Vaaland Dahl (Schlumberger) E. Monsen (Schlumberger) L. Sonneland (Schlumberger) A.R. Dias Elias (Petrobras) & J.F. Rosalba (Petrobras) SUMMARY Seismic stratigraphic interpretation is a powerful method for analyzing the depositional history of the subsurface. However the lack of support of such interpretation methods in the state-of-the-art tools limits its application. A novel technology allowing a highly automated procedure for seismic stratigraphic interpretation is presented. The technology includes an automated high resolution extraction step of all the stratigraphic primitives. The technology supports a


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