P025 Efficient Removal of (Sub)Harmonic Ghost Events from Vibroseis Data M. Stiller* (GFZ - GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam Germany) K.H. Jaeckel (GFZ Potsdam Germany) F. Stier (University of Potsdam Germany) & DESIRE Group SUMMARY Vibroseis is besides the classical explosion seismics the most important and also best-analyzed energy source to acquire seismic reflection data in the hydrocarbon industry as well as in crustal-scale seismic profiling. Deviations of the actual vibroseis source signal from a frequency-modulated sinusoidal reference shape produce (sub)harmonic waves with whole multiples (or in certain cases also fractions) of the instantaneous frequency. The additional crosscorrelations of these (sub)harmonic wave portions


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