P165 Delineation of Gas Prospective Sites in the Donets Basin Ukraine V.A. Privalov* (Donetsk National Technical University) E.A. Panova (UkrNIMI NANU) R.F. Sachsenhofer (Institut fur Geowissenschaften Montanuniversitat) A. Izart (Henri Poincare University) A.V. Antsiferov (UkrNIMI NANU) & V.A. Antsiferov (UkrNIMI NANU) SUMMARY In the course of the past century the Donets Basin (Donbas) has been in the focus of geological interest mostly of an enormously high potential of its coal Carboniferous deposits and also because of its proximate adjacency with the Dnieper-Donets Depression one of the most mature oil and gas provinces of Ukraine. In recent years a significant wave


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