P167 Over-Salt and Sub-Salt Gas Reservoir Mapping by EM Methods within the Salt Dome Region in Dniepr-Donetsk Depression D.N. Bozhezha* (National Academy of Ukraine) S.P. Levashov (IAPEGG Kyiv Ukraine) N.A. Yakymchuk (MMC IGS NAS Ukraine) I.N. Korchagin (Institute of Geophysics of NAS of Ukraine) & A.I. Soroka (Astroinvest- Ukraine LTD Poltava Ukraine) SUMMARY The detailed geophysical investigations within Western Radchenky area is presented. Main objective of the investigation is sub-salt exploration for gas reservoir over the area. The maps and cross-sections of anomalous polarized layer (APL) of the "gas-bearing layer" type were constructed on the geoelectric investigation data on Western


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