P276 Multiparameter Full-Waveform Inversion for Velocity and Attenuation – Refining the Imaging of a Sedimentary Basin M. Malinowski* (Institute of Geophysics PAS) A. Ribodetti (Geosciences Azur CNRS UMR) & S. Operto (Geosciences Azur CNRS UMR) SUMMARY This study deals with the extension of the frequency-domain full-waveform inversion/modelling (FWI) from the acoustic to the viscoacoustic case in application to the wide-aperture seismic data recorded in the Polish Basin. Attenuation was accounted for by introduction of complex velocities. Multiparameter inversion involving P-wave velocity and Q factor produces more focused and clearer images than obtained by the acoustic FWI however only the absorption


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