P303 Analysis of the Efficiency of Multi-Component Seismic using 2D/2C Wave-Equation Modelling A.V. Cherepovski* (Input/Output) A.P. Laptev (Permneftegeofizika) N.S. Belozerova (Permneftegeofizika) & B.A. Uzhakin (Wolgodeminoil) SUMMARY The Volga-Urals region is characterized by the presence of buried structurally-complex carbonate buildups many of which have been drilled and brought into production as oil fields. Even large build-ups are not clearly imaged in P-wave seismic data. A two-component synthetic model was generated to understand and demonstrate the benefits of full-wave seismic when exploring for such targets. The elastic model of the buried reef was built using full-waveform sonic logs VSP data and surface-seismic


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