P305 An Integrated Flow Modelling Approach to Fractured Reservoirs G.H. Makel* (A/S Norske Shell) T.J. Couzens (A/S Norske Shell) M.A. Åsly (A/S Norske Shell) M.J. Boya Ferrero (A/S Norske Shell) & K.D. Long (Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd) SUMMARY We present a conceptual model workflow which integrates information from outcrop analogues regional tectono-stratigraphy and diagenetic histories structural framework geodynamics reservoir architecture and dynamic indicators. The workflow is applied to the Clair Field West of Shetland. Fracture data – derived from image logs sonic logs and detailed core analysis are co-visualized and calibrated with dynamic indicators in Shell’s proprietary software SVS.


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