P323 Finite-Difference Frequency-Domain Modeling of Acoustic Wave Propagation in 2D TTI Anisotropic Media M. Grini* (Géosciences Azur - CNRS) A. Ribodetti (Géosciences Azur - IRD) J. Virieux (Géosciences Azur - UNSA) & S. Operto (Geosciences Azur - CNRS) SUMMARY We present a 2D finite-difference frequency-domain method for modeling acoustic wave propagation in TTI media. The numerical method relies on a parsimonious staggered-grid method implemented in the frequency domain. Discretization of the differential operators is performed along 45° rotated directions. We applied this discretization strategy to the anisotropic acoustic wave equation for TTI media derived by Zhou (2006). The finite-difference stencil


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