P338 Deep CDP Seismic Studies in the Volga–Ural Petroleum Province V.A. Trofimov* (IGIRGI) A.P. Petrov (IGIRGI) A.O. Zinkovskaya (IGIRGI) R. G. Kharisov (TNG-Group) V.A. Ekimenko (TNG-Group) A.V. Trofimov (TNG-Group) & A.S. Borisov (Kazan State University) SUMMARY Deep CDP seismic studies were initiated in the Volga-Ural petroleum province in 1993 on two lines crossing the Romashkino giant field. The deep seismic studies aimed to identify differences between the structure of the Earth's crust in the largest oil field of the Volga-Ural province and that outside of it.The data acquired in 1994-95 unequivocally indicated that these differences did exist. The existing concepts


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