P351 Spherical-Wave Computational AVO Modelling in Elastic and Anelastic Isotropic Two-Layer Media A.B. Haase* (CREWES University of Calgary) & C.P. Ursenbach (CREWES University of Calgary) SUMMARY Compressional-wave AVO responses and converted-wave AVO responses in elastic and anelastic twolayer isotropic Class 1 models are investigated. These responses are computed by utilizing Zoeppritz reflection coefficients and the Weyl/Sommerfeld-integral. Spherical-wave depth dependence for PP and PSv Class 1 models is found to be strongest near the critical angle. The constant-Q approximation is used to introduce anelastic effects. AVO responses of two-layer isotropic models are sensitive to anelasticity. However when unit reflectivity scaling is


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