A028 Inverting Strain – Application for Pressure to Using a Compacting Time-Lapse GOMTime- Reservoir N. L. Duranti Hodgson* (Chevron (Heriot-Watt ETC) J. University) Rickett (Chevron C. MacBeth ETC) (Heriot-Watt & K. Nihei (Chevron University) ETC) SUMMARY Quantitative estimation of dynamic reservoir properties from time-lapse seismic is becoming increasingly widespread. In compacting reservoirs however the 4D seismic signal is complex due to stress and strain redistribution in reservoir and non-reservoir rocks. Several authors have reported observing measurable time-shifts in the overburden on time-lapse seismic data. A method for using these overburden time-lapse time-shifts to invert for reservoir pressure change is presented.


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