Issues to be addressed by the presentation:<br>- Energy scenarios by the International Energy Agency: Business as usual scenario, scenario with enhanced energy efficiency, scenario with additional carbon capture and storage;<br>- Possible impacts of climate change, worldwide and in Austria: temperature change, cryosphere, hydrology and water resources, terrestrial biological systems (including agriculture and forestry), human health, disasters and hazards;<br>- Policy responses<br>· The UNFCCC: its ultimate objective<br>· The Kyoto Protocol: its added value<br>· The European Union: its current position on climate change as reflected in council conclusions<br>· Processes started in Montreal in 2005<br>o Process linked to Article 3.9 Kyoto Protocol<br>o Dialogue under the Convention<br>- Elements of a possible future architecture: Outcome of the Climate Dialogue at Pocantico<br>- Carbon capture and storage<br>· Potential contribution: based on the Special report of the IPCC<br>· Issues for further consideration: based on the outcome of SBSTA24<br>- The timing challenge: based on recent scientific results (PIK)<br>


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