Since the 1990's TNO has developed POSC-related E&P data repositories. As of 1997, the Dutch government commissioned TNO to develop a national data repository for all geological data of the Netherlands: DINO. In 2001, the first online interface on that database was launched, called DINOShop. The reliability as well as the vast amount of data contained in the DINO system resulted in a steady growing number of customers and system use, improving the overall quality of data and interface. <br>In order to endure oil and gas production in the Netherlands, the Dutch government tries to endorse independent operators to work in the Dutch area, offshore and onshore. To emphasize the meaning of this policy, the government wants to give new players a head start: effective regulatory framework and efficient licensing procedures, good infrastructure and easy access to E&P data. In Q4 of 2005, a start was made to create a DINO-driven portal dedicated to the oil and gas industry, the NL Oil and Gas Portal. Not only is the portal a gateway to all E&P related data, it contains petroleum province reference information (in a geological atlas) and gives access to interactive stratigraphic maps, profiles and 3D models.<br>


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