Seismic data interpretation in geologically complex areas suffers from the shortcomings of out-of-date 2D data acquisition technique and time-domain processing, both of which are still predominant in Ukraine. With numerous examples from a variety of structural settings in onshore and offshore Ukraine, we demonstrate that prestack depth migration yields great improvements in seismic imaging and structural positioning as compared to poststack time migration. Because of the absence of any 3D survey in the majority of prospective arias in Ukraine, we are not able to take advantage of this data acquisition technique and have to use a 2.5D migration procedure. With examples from onshore Ukraine, we demonstrate that even such an out-of-data process allows out-of-plane reflection events to be greatly diminished, which favors more confident seismic data interpretation. This study is aimed to justify that a great improvement in exploration success in Ukraine may be achieved in the future by using a combination of 3D seismic acquisition technique and high-quality depth processing.


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