We use seismic tomography at time delays of first-arrival waves in order to solve this problem. Special 2D time fields t(õ,l) of reference waves are used for velocity inversion. It allows us to combine wave-arrival times into a unified system when observed with different details, and also when isolated travel-time curves are not correlated.<br>The developed technology of seismic tomography is common in different problem-solving in oil and ore geology and in studying deep Earth’s crust of Siberia. These problems are as follows:<br>- Interpretation of first waves recorded by CDP method in ore regions makes it possible to study the uppermost heterogeneous layer of the Earth’s crust and to forecast new ore knots and investigate their structures;<br>- Problem-solving in prospecting for oil and gas in West Siberia allows studying structures and compositions (in combination with drilling logs) of the oil-and-gas Paleozoic, which is rather difficult to do by CDP method;<br>- Illumination of the inner structure of the deep Earth’s crust and disclosure of wave guides, zones of disintegration, deep faults.<br>


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