We here present a new strategy for seismic facies probability cubes creation calibrated on petrophysical data. This methodology has been developed on the deep offshore Angola Girassol field data. It proposes to be more consistent with the petrophysical data and to ensure a better geological facies organization and continuity than classical approaches. <br><br>In order to infill a geomodel based on seismic constraints, lithoseismic cubes must be fully consistent with the geological interpretation and the petrophysical context. The link between seismic facies probability cubes and the geology is done through the Facies Groups definition. A Facies Group is defined as an interpreted 'log facies classification'. Their definition represents a key stage. <br><br>The methodology developed in this paper consists in applying an iterative process between Facies Groups design, their corresponding petrophysical range and seismic response. This new workflow enables to compute optimized lithoseismic cubes as they are fully calibrated on petrophysical data and based on the finest Facies Groups discrimination related to the seismic resolution. The resulting lithoseismic cubes present a much more coherent geological facies organization inside the reservoir model. They provide more suitable data for quantitative estimation of the uncertainties related to the reservoir properties.<br>


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