To increase the efficiency of cyclic-steam treatment of high-viscosity oil pools we propose to use thermoreversible gel-forming polymer systems with lower critical dissolution temperature (LCDT). <br>Presented are the results of laboratory research of thermoreversible gel-forming systems with LCDT: cellulose ether - aqueous phase in the temperature range of 20 - 200 °C. The studies carried out on kinetics of gelation and rheological properties demonstrated repeatability of gel rheological parameters at cyclic reversal of temperature conditions. The action of additions increasing temperature of gelation was determined to be additive. The temperature of gel conversion into liquid is 30-50 degrees below than that of gelation. The indicated temperatures linearly increase with additive concentrations and for all reagents under study except carbamide these dependencies are cymbate. <br>Gel-forming systems (GFS) proved high efficiency on heterogeneous reservoir models, where seam permeability differed 3-5 times, under the conditions simulating operation of a cyclic steam well. We can recommend GFS application to regulate filtration flows of reservoir fluids and to increase conformance of cyclic-steam treatment of high-viscosity oil pools. <br>In October 2005 GFS were successfully injected into two cyclic steam wells in high-viscosity oil pool in Lyaokhe oil field (China).<br>


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