The application of the thermal oil recovery method is a proven technique solution for oil and enhancement of oil exploitation reserves increasing. Therefore, in Romania numerous laboratory and field experiments in regard modern methods of oil recovery was realized (in situ combustion, steam injection, hot water injection). <br>The best results in the field were obtained from in situ combustion applied to 26 oil fields in total in Romania. Laboratory experiments and field tests have an important contribution in explanation of the theoretical aspects of in situ combustion, in improving of the technics for application in site in various condition, in monitoring of in situ combustion and in increasing efficiency of this process using water injection and horizontal wells in addition.<br>In the paper are presented Romanian oil fields which were applied thermal oil recovery methods, parameters for each process and obtained results. Also, they are presented our know-how regarding the tracing of process and extending of applicability for these recoveries methods. <br>At the end are presented the perspectives of application of recovery thermal oil methods in Petrom SA - Romania, in actual economical and environmental conditions. <br>


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