Reverse time pre-stack depth migration (RTPSDM), which uses the two-way acoustic wave equation, is not a new concept. Conventionally the method has been very computationally intensive and, therefore, has been considered impractical for production 3D depth imaging projects. Here we describe an efficient 3D RTPSDM algorithm that can be used on real 3D production data. To make it practical and efficient we employ explicit 2nd order in time and high order space domain finite differences, and use domain decomposition methods to split the image cube amongst multiple CPU’s. Only a few finite differencing layers are communicated between related CPU’s, by message passing. High order spatial finite differences handle numerical dispersion and allow larger time steps than those possible with the conventionally used pseudo-spectral method. The forward propagated source wavefield is decimated prior to saving it on local disk to be used during application of the imaging condition. We will show an overview of the method along with 2D and 3D synthetic and real data examples.<br>


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