This presentation reviews where we stand, as an industry, in the application of multi¬component seismic data, the experience of end-users and how this information can be incorporated into their interpretations to fully exploit the wealth of information contained in these data. To reduce the impact of these limitations, published results demonstrating numerous applicable interpretive models and how they have been successfully applied have been organized into an internet accessible data base. Presently, some 500 application examples are accessible through browsers focused on either interpretive applications (objectives and problems) or by historical and geographic projects. Further improvements to communication among technology implementers and developers should reduce apparent barriers to widespread application of multicomponent seismic technology.<br><br>Access to these examples (case histories) and how so search them in the context of intepretive problems and geograpic locations is provided. The end objective is to provide direction in the intepretaiton of multicomponent seimsic data.<br>


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