2D/9C together with 3C offset VSP project was carried out in the central part of Russian platform. Vibrosources with guided horizontal directivity were implemented for generation of differently polarized shear waves. Full-wave registration allowed receiving compression, converted and monotype shear waves data. 3C uphole survey was acquired for near-surface velocities investigation. All information was processed and interpreted together. Mid- to long-wavelength statics derived from monotype shear wave data dramatically simplified statics solution for converted waves data. Offset VSP allowed exact identification and tie evens of different wave types to a geological section. Structure details in target interval which are not visible on P wave data are observed on PS sections. Anomalous polarization of SH and SV waves indicated possible fractured zones within zone of interest. Integrated interpretation results allowed predicting presence of sand bodies and fractured objects in Vendian-Riphean deposits which can be productive for the given area.


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