The geological structures are usually layered and inhomogeneous. We developed an inversion technique to research these structures. This method is the function inversion, which is suitable to determine the vertical and lateral inhomogenity. We do the inversion in two phases. In the first phase we use 1D forward modelling and in the second one 2D. This method accelerates accomplishing the iterative inversion. The 1D forward modeling give an approaching solution (1.5D inversion). So that we get the correct value, have to do the second phase (2D/3D inversion). In the function inversion, one of the main problem is determining of the optimal number of coefficients besides choosing the type of function. In this text first of all we look for the answer, what is the optimum number of coefficients for the estimation of model parameters and we give a scheme to solve this problem. <br><br>


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