Geophysical investigations performed over the cave field of the Near Caves of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra by geoelectric, seismic-acoustic and GPR methods allowed: 1) to draw a map of the plots of high moistening of soils over the cave field surface; 2) to define paths of migration of man-caused water flows over the Near Caves; 3) to find and map vertical fractures in the sandstone which serve for vertical migration of the subsurface water flows; 4) to establish the leakages from the subsurface water communications outside the Lavra territory as well as leakages under irrigation with the surface irrigation system caused the arising of man-caused water flow within the cave field ; 5) to reveal anomalous zone of thinning and moistening of rocks, as well as the zones of "subsurface hollow" type in the region of caved gallery; 6) to establish objective causes of the caving of the cave gallery using a complex of obtained geophysical data.


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