Carboniferous source rock (s.r.)was characterized in 22 profiles of wells on the Kołobrzeg Block and 10 on the Gryfice Block based on the results of geochemical analyses. The best source rocks occur within Tournaisian mudstones and claystones, where TOC values reach up to 10.7 wt. % (mean 1.0 wt.%). The terrestrial type III kerogen is located at the immature/early mature zone. The analysed Westphalian and Visean strata reveal lower petroleum potential. The history of hydrocarbon generation and expulsion was reconstructed by means of the 1-D BasinMod(tm) modelling, applied to 5 wells: Biesiekierz-2, Daszewo-17, Dobrzyca-2, Dygowo-4 and Dzwirzyno-1. Modelling revealed that Tournaisian source rocks generation of hydrocarbons commenced in the time span between Middle Triassic and Late Jurassic, locally perhaps in the Late Carboniferous. The generation potential was calculated from the hydrocarbon potential, its ranges change from 1.2 to 2.2 kg HC/m3 s.r.


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