The field presented is a gas accumulation situated in the UK. Three individual sands layers have been identified at the 4 wells. The total reservoir thickness is under seismic vertical resolution over most of the field’s extension. <br>An AVO seismic attribute obtained by combination of the near and far substacks exhibited a very good correlation with Net Sand Thickness at well locations.<br>An AVO versus net sand cross plot was generated from a massive modelling study. It was used to generate 200 possible Net Sand thickness maps by bivariate non linear collocated co-simulation.<br>200 top reservoir maps were simulated within the estimated uncertainty range. They were used to flex the geological 3D model.<br>For each of the 200 models, the porosity and permeabilities were produced by geostatistical simulation. The Gas Water Contact was randomly drawn within the uncertainty range, based on the interpretation of RFT data. The water saturation transition zone was defined by a J function and the associated uncertainty was modelled.<br>The resulting Gas in Place distribution was used to provide a set of realistic data as input for a range of reserves case scenarios and for key decision making.


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