The Zamrud field is located in Badan Operasi Bersama PT. Bumi Siak Pusako – Pertamina Hulu (BOB CPP) block, Riau Province, 90 km east of Pekanbaru, Indonesia. Oil was discovered in September 1975 and the commercial production began in March 1982 and in December 1993 a combination of peripheral water injection and pattern water flood was initiated.<br>The sedimentological facies and the petrophysical properties of the field have previously been described through 2D average maps where the geological boundaries have been determined deterministically assuming homogeneous distribution in depth through each subzone. In order to capture the overall heterogeneity of the facies and petrophysical properties of the field, it was decided to model the field in 3D. The 3D modeling process for the Zamrud field consists of data preparation, import into a software package handling 3D modeling, quality control, definition and generation of a structural framework, stochastic facies and petrophysical modeling methods. The process of modeling also becomes repeatable and the updating process faster when new information is received through well data. Additionally, a better understanding of connectivities between the facies is gained.<br>


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