Subject of this poster is to present the result of a revised geological –geophysical interpretation of the East Slovakian Basin which is a mature basin in terms of both exploration and production activities. The revised tectonic pattern is essentially from 3D seismic interpretation. Once unravelled, the new pattern also could be verified on 2D seismic, i.e. at larger scale. Analysis of the seismic data indicates the development of distinct flower structures related with the dominant fault system, reflecting sinistral strike slip movements. The areal extent of the fault system strongly suggests the interpretation of a horse tail pattern in the reviewed part of the East Slovakian Basin.<br>The new 3D seismic data also rendered the chance to apply a seismostratigraphy interpretation approach. Due to heavy faulting of the Miocene section and due to Badenian and Sarmatian volcanism, however, application of seismostratigraphy, was limited mainly to Sarmatian sediments.<br>Good quality seismic complemented by reinterpretation of existing well logs and well cores served as a basis for sequence-stratigraphic approach and proved its value upon revisiting older gas fields. <br>


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