During June 2004 well A-1 was drilled in the onshore Coastal Swamp area of Nigeria (Figure 1). The target of the drilling had been planned on seismic, which had rudimentary AVO processing applied. Other wells in the area had shown good correlation between the seismic and hydrocarbon finds. However on well A-1 although hydrocarbons were detected they did not tie with the AVO anomalies seen in the seismic data. Two more wells were about to be drilled from the same location into adjacent fault blocks so it was necessary to be sure that the seismic was telling the full picture. A volume of data around the well site was extracted and reprocessed through a sequence that included high resolution velocity analysis and surface consistent scaling. Intercept and Gradient data were extracted to calculate a product gradient volume. Although anomalies could be seen on the product gradient it was not until the attributes were inverted and the calibrated Lambda-Rho volumes calculated that the full potential of the seismic was revealed.


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