Novel approach is based on the method of reduction of gamma-ray activity and adsorptive diffusive activity core data towards relative parameters of well log methods and plotting relationships on their basis.<br>On the basis of core and geophysical data, relationships of dual gamma-ray index of gamma log with median diameter of grain fraction; gamma-ray activity; sum of close-grained fractions; sand fraction content; dominated fraction content; median pore diameter; correlation of Asp with content of clay minerals were plotted. <br>According to combination of comprehensive geological and physical information, definite number of reservoir types present in section is singled out (sandstones - medium-grained, fine-grained, close-grained, and siltstones). Reservoir type is defined by variation range of dominated filtrating fraction diameter and its proportion in the rock volume. <br>High concentration of siltstone fraction leads to significant distortion of parameters defined via well log. <br>Suggested approach allows evaluating content of sand and siltstone fractions, their proportion, average diameter of dominated fraction, and its volume. Together with clay fraction evaluation (volume of clay minerals) it is possible to perform a "simplified" lithologic analysis using well log, i.e. divide rocks into groups and perform a more sound evaluation of permeability and other volumetric data. <br>


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