Research has been done with the task of identifying structural and tectonic characteristics of the Čačak – Kraljevo basin, and the goal was to determine tectonic setting of the basin and it’s basement. Complex geophysical and geological data were used: gravity and geomagnetic maps, Landsat 7 satellite imagery and map of temperatures, derived from thermal bands of the satellite imagery. It was obtained that tectonic characteristics of the investigated area are complex, due to it’s complex geotectonic setting. Kinematic and dip angle of the ruptures were obtained from the combination of standard visual methods and map of vertical gradient of gravity acceleration. Map of temperatures can confirm existence of the ruptures, on the places which are not highly visible on any other set of data used. Geotectonic setting of basement of the basin was obtained from the combination of interpretation of the tectonic fabric and geological and petrological data.


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