The goal of reservoir characterization is to enhance the description of oil and gas reservoirs to get a reliable prediction of their dynamic behaviour using numerical simulations. In optimized management, geological models need to be updated with each new available data (well tests, production data, seismic data, ...). The value of each individual data does not lie in its isolated use, but rather in the value it adds when integrated with other data.<br><br>We present an integrated methodology for reservoir characterization, based on a non-linear optimization loop, which uses both production (rather local information) and 4D seismic (spatial information) informations for an improved geological modelling. The main difficulty is to manage the depth/time conversion for the integration of 4D attributes and to keep it consistent with fluid flow simulation results. To do this, we propose a new methodology to match seismic attributes in time by updating the depth/time conversion in the inversion workflow.<br><br>The proposed methodology is based on a simulation workflow integrating geological modelling, upscaling, multi-phase fluid flow simulation coupled with a rock physics modelling, depth/time conversion and frequency filtering. The reliability of the geological model is improved through the minimisation of a weighted, least-squares objective function, which measures the mismatch between the simulated results and the data (both production and 4D seismic).<br><br>The huge number of data brought by the 4D seismic increases the difficulty in solving the numerical problem during optimization process. Thus, we propose an innovative approach to compute gradients of the objective function with respect to optimization parameters. <br><br>Our methodology was successfully applied for a multi-scale reservoir characterization process. The 3D model is constrained by compressional/shear impedances and the two-way travel times for compressional waves at the base seismic survey.


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