The strategy of field putting into operation is to solve the following problem: “Which wells are to be put into operation at the given moment?” There are different strategies which differ greatly by the volumes of oil recovery for the period of the field putting into operation. Consequently there is a problem how to form and choose the rational strategy. By rational strategy is meant the best strategy for given criteria. In the present paper we propose some algorithms to solve this problem.<br> There are two aspects while solving the problem of creating and choosing the rational strategy. The first aspect is to fulfill detailed hydrodynamic simulation of the field development. The second aspect is to enumerate a great number of possible strategies. At present either nobody realizes detailed simulation or very few possible strategies are analyzed. Thus an irrational strategy may be selected.<br> The suggested method of creating and choosing rational strategy of putting into operation is a synthesis of simulation and optimization algorithms. This method allows one to take into account main reasons of strategies different efficiency (reservoir heterogeneity, nonuniform watering of field sections). Also we realize purposeful and short-cut enumeration of all possible strategies of field putting into operation.<br> The main stages of this method are:<br>1. Wells grouping into blocks (number of wells in blocks is to be approximately equal, not only neighboring wells can be included in one block).<br>2. Computation of potential volumes of oil recovery produced by wells blocks while the moments of their putting into operation are different (these parameters are input data for optimization; these computations use hydrodynamic simulation software; also the suggested technology allows one to estimate the injection wells deposit into total oil recovery).<br>3. The optimum moments of putting blocks into operation or their optimum order are found (these problems are formulated as transport models; standard linear programming algorithms may be used to solve).<br>In this paper we consider examples using suggested method for a real deposit.<br> The method can be expediently used to choose rational strategies of field putting into operation when it is impossible to follow specialists experience and intuition.<br>


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