Infrasonic Passive Differential Spectroscopy (IPDS), called also as Passive seismic, is relatively a new technology for hydrocarbon reservoir (oil and gas) detection and monitoring. Application of this technology was utilized in several countries worldwide since 1996.<br>The Passive Seismic (IPDS) technique is based on the principles of non-linear behavior of multiphase fluid systems in porous reservoirs. Hydrocarbons in the pore system can be detected at surface as a characteristic deformation caused by ambient vibration of the normal signature of the natural earth’s noise signal in the low frequency range between 1 Hz and 10 Hz.<br>The technology is to becoming the leader in the development and application of passive low frequency acoustic and electromagnetic technologies for the detection of hydrocarbons and oil reservoirs monitoring – from the surface.<br>The main objective of the Passive seismic IPDS survey campaigns in the Arabian Peninsula in Oil and Gas fields (UAE, Kuwait, & Jordan) was to run such surveys as an exploration, delineation, reservoir monitoring and time laps monitoring tool under sand dunes-desert conditions.<br>The secondary objective was to provide information concerning detailed aerial hydrocarbon and vertical distributions. Up to date; run surveys in 15 exploration, appraisal and development areas.<br>Over 1,000 measurements were acquired from several exploration and development areas in Middle-East and 15,000 worldwide. The profiles pass through over hundreds of exploration, dry, appraisal, producer, and injector wells. The correlation with known data from these wells result in a correlation coefficient better than 80%, and the correlation between hydrocarbon net pay zone and Geospectra IPDS data related to several wells were excellent. <br>Based on the results of these surveys several new exploration areas were identified and additional hydrocarbon pools were found as an extension of existing fields under development and avoided a lot of dry holes. More than 13 wells drilled in B & Q fields based on the passive seismic (IPDS) direct hydrocarbon indication maps, most well results came exactly as predicated.<br>


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